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October 24, 2023

This post actually started out as a list of all the principles & systems from my martial arts studies and how they apply to development in general - regardless of the field of study - for my own uses. Martial arts happens to be my main passion, and as a result I have ended up being able to understand things across industries from the perspective of a martial artist first. However, due to the universal nature of these principles, you could actually go either way. That is to say, development in one area can help guide development in any other area. My development as a programmer aids my development as a martial artist, which aids my development in self-mastery(think meditation & raja yoga), which aids my development as an employee, as a teammate, as a family member… you get the point. As “self-help guru gigachad grindset hustle-hustle-hustler” as it may sound, the quote “how you do anything, is how you do everything” really does apply. This is because you may wear many different “hats” but at the end of the day, YOU are the one going through YOUR life. Working on the fundamental building blocks of YOU will help you in any situation YOU are in. Clear? I link two external sources, which are from two other fields of study that I have spent a lot of time in using these principles. While I could’ve just wrote them in a way that reflected my martial arts experience, they seemed like good opportunities to show exactly how adaptable and applicable the points made can be. I literally had zero experience in the world of computer science when I decided to try to get my skills up to an employable level, and about a year and a half later, I feel pretty confident in where I’m at and where I can take myself moving forward. I have used these principles recently in my quest to pick up PHP & Laravel - a language & framework that I didn't even know existed prior to a week ago, and yet now have a decent idea of how to use for my current goals. The work done occurred in concentrated bouts, so not marathons, over the course of about a week. That's not to say rushing is the goal, but being efficient whilst being effective certainly is. Enjoy the list, and let me know if any of these stand out for you along your journeys!
  • Maintain elite focus, accountability, and patience
  • Take notes & observe data (this cannot be understated)
  • Have a clear set of linguistics as it makes everything possible - can identify problems and their pieces and deal with them effectively
  • Create layer-able drill systems around fundamentals, stemming from findings in notes - "layer the cake"
  • Layer increasing amounts of “difficulty”, either through complexity or intensity
  • Makes doing executing under pressure viable - cannot do something at an increased difficulty without having done it countless times in development
  • Do not idol worship - focus is on the work done and actual data obtained, not brands or identities being sold - maintain objectivity
  • Try to answer your own question first
  • Per The Odin Project protocols, when asking questions, provide detail in a common linguistic about the problem, what you attempted to solve the problem, and include any relevant resources
  • Do not skip steps
  • Do what you have to do in order to do what you want to do
  • “Small things all things” - manufacture confidence, gain momentum
  • Break down problems into smaller chunks, operationalize steps to execution & success
  • Context & the “Why”, “How”, “When”, and “Where” matter as much, if not significantly more than the “What”
  • IG & YT are not tools for development - must follow a program that has comprehensive intentions, can’t learn properly with a 1 minute video/being told explicit information
  • Must be learned implicitly, through drilling & repetitions done with elite intent
  • Implicit Knowledge vs Explicit Knowledge definitions from Dr. K of HealthyGamerGG but just like above, reflected in AMSB development system